“Helix Software ...mert nemcsak a nagyvállalatoknak kell a profi segítség!”

About Us

Company: Rose Software Kft. Tax number: 14250552-2-09
Location: 28 Csapó Street, Debrecen, 4024. Pulykakakas Office Building, fourth floor
Phone: +36 (70) 416-0506
Email: info@helix-software.com

Our Mission

Our company is on the business management software market since 2000. Since then, we grow year by year, and we always managed to exceed and multiply the previous year's result.

What is our secret? It is simple. We realized that small and medium-sized enterprises should also be given the opportunity to support their business management processes with smart applications. We offer box software products, the price of which is reasonable for small and medium-sized enterprises, in the meantime, these products may serve as a great media with their knowledge in order to increase the market share of an enterprise.

Helix Software product line offers such a "smart" business solution for you, for a reasonable price for your company. Helix software excels the competitors, as they provide a solution not only for one specific problem, but they cover the business processes in multiple and dynamic ways.

Among many great examples, let us see those companies whose principal activity is online sales. Our solutions fully cover the financial processes, inventory management, and the online store management, but it is possible to cover regularly recurring tasks, for example invoicing and ordering can fully be automated. Thus, you need only one smart business management software for growing: the Helix Software!


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Email: support@helix-software.com
Telefonszám: +36 (70) 416-0506

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